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Policy Vision

Moving toward a Safe and Healthy Life


  • Ensure a return to normal life
    through the stable control of
  • Build a safe society through proactive preparedness for public health threats
  • Protect the national health through strengthened evidence-based prevention and control of diseases

Current tasks

  • DomesticSupport a return to normal life through the stable control of COVID-19

    • ① Focus on COVID-19 management and the protection for high-risk groups
    • ② Implement stringent COVID-19 risk management of COVID-19 risks
    • ③ Strengthen mission-oriented research for an evidence-based response
  • InternationalLead global healthcare cooperation

    • ① Become established as a global leading agency in healthcare
    • ② Lead cooperation in healthcare through expanded global networks

Core tasks

  • Advance the national response system for infectious diseases to prepare for future pandemics

    • ① Conduct surveillance and analysis to detect new and emerging infectious diseases early
    • ② Enhance diagnostic and epidemiological capacities for Disease X response
    • ③ Improve the response system and enhance immunization capacity
    • ④ Revise the institutional framework through establishing an information system to respond to Disease X and promote the use of big data
  • Minimize infection risks in daily life through strengthened infectious disease prevention and control of infectious diseases

    • ① Expand the national immunization programs
    • ② Control infectious diseases and prepare eradication strategies
    • ③ Strengthen the control of potential risk factors
    • ④ Reduce healthcare-associated infection by creating a safe medical environment
  • Prepare for aging and future health threats and establish a system to protect national health

    • ① Strengthen the prevention and management of chronic diseases
    • ② Expand support for individuals with rare diseases and strengthen healthcare infrastructure
    • ③ Build a safety net for the prevention and control of health hazards
  • Take the lead in R&D to become a principal country in healthcare

    • ① Secure core technologies for vaccines and therapeutics
    • ② Strengthen infrastructure to achieve technological leadership in future healthcare
    • ③ Reinforce the support system for healthcare research and development(R&D)