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We are the KCDC 1min 30sec
  • Date2019-07-08 04:31
  • Update2019-07-18 13:13
  • DivisionOffice of Communication
  • Tel062-525-1201
  • As I greet a new morning, I will strive to create a healthy society free of disease concerns, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Safeguarding the citizen’s health 24/7 – Emergency Operations Center
  • As the gateway to Korea, I will ensure that infectious diseases from abroad do not enter the country with thorough quarantine services
  • The first barrier of people’s health - Overseas Infectious Disease Quarantine and control
  • For eradicating various diseases throughout the globe, I will continue developing and creating innovative ways to protect people’s health.
  • Searching for Answers – A Pioneer of Disease Research
  • I will lower people’s disease burden so that we can dream of a healthier future, and make Korea’s tomorrow safe and secure through a systematic management of chronic diseases.
  • Always Reliable – The Health Designer for the People
  • I will work tirelessly with the community and stand by the people’s side to build a better and healthier Korea.
  • We are the KCDC.